Jasopels Paw Cutter

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Jasopels Paw Cutter

Jasopels Paw Cutter is a fast-working and effective device with a very high capacity. It is easy to operate so you do not need to waste time on traning.

Apart from a uniform cut you have a possibility to make an entry control as the paw cutter is equipped with a display which stores all the relevant data.

Technical details:

  • Working speed: 3,6 sec./animal, 16,7 animal/minut, 1000 animal/hour
  • Electricity: 60 watt
  • Plug: CEE 16 A plug + Air
  • Weight: 180 kg

Additional information


65 cm


58,50 cm


155 cm


3 x 400 Volt + N + PE – CEE 16A stik + Luft


60 L./min. og 8 bar


180 kg