Jasopels Wrap Machine T5 Maxi Stretch

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A combination of tried and true technology from past years and great new features – in a new ergonomic, user-friendly design

One of the best, most affordable stretching machines on the market, Jasopels WRAP Machine T5 Maxi Stretch offers an ideal combination of proven technology and new features in an ergonomic, user-friendly design.

  • Dynamic Force® technology ensures that the current (not the weakest) pelt defines adjustments and guides the stretching process, measuring the pelt and adjusting force to ensure optimal stretching. This means that a size 0 pelt is not exposed to the same stretching force during as a size 2xo pelt during stretching.
  • Stretch and Release Technology® automatically reduces force if a pelt cannot stretch to the next size, producing the ideal balance of size and quality.

The result? For the first time ever, you are guaranteed pelts that are optimally stretched, no more and no less than necessary.

And that’s not all. The unmatched Jasopels WRAP Machine T5 Maxi Stretch also offers:

  • Differentiated wrapping: the machine wraps up only what is needed to the current pelts
  • A unique “soft” function ideal for handling damaged pelts
  • A fully programmable stamp function with adjustable power levels
  • Prompts to change between pelt types with the help of 8 different programs
  • The lowest running costs on the market


Jasopels sold over 250 Jasopels WRAP Machine T5 Maxi Stretch machines in 2012 – meaning that over 18 million skins world- wide have been stretched using this machine. Users report larger pelts – and higher selling prices.

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230 Volt + PE


40 L/min, min. 8 bar