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  • SKU: 40100013

    Jasopels Feeding Machine 2000

  • SKU: 40100012

    Jasopels Feeding Machine 1500

  • SKU: 40100007

    Jasopels Feeding Machine 950

  • SKU: 40100004

    Jasopels Feeding Machine 700

  • SKU: 40200039

    Jasopels FarmManager

  • SKU: 40200041

    Jasopels FarmAssist

Jasopels supplies the market’s most proven and robust feeders. We produce 4 models, with or without kink control, with different sizes of feed tank, and you can order the 3 of them with mixer!

In other words, you can find exactly the model that suits you and your farm. Although our machines in the standard version are well equipped, you can buy accessories for all models, which makes it a little easier to be mink in everyday life.

How about equipping your new machine with Farm Manager and increasing earnings on the mink farm while making your daily life considerably easier?
The new and completely unique system can so much that we cannot overcome to tell about this – contact Kenneth Zobbe to hear how you can get a much more efficient everyday life on the farm.