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  • SKU: 32100079

    Jasopels MasterCut

  • SKU: 32100077

    Jasopels MasterSkin

  • SKU: 32100006

    Jasopels Slicing Machine T4 XL

  • SKU: 32100040

    Jasopels Paw Cutter

  • SKU: 32100041

    Jasopels Skinning Tower Automatic XL

  • SKU: 32100013

    Jasopels Skinning Tower

  • SKU: 32100011

    Jasopels Skinning Machine T4 XL

  • Outgoing model
    SKU: 32100035

    Jasopels Skinning Machine T11

  • SKU: 43200023

    Jasopels Gasbox with stainless steel box

  • SKU: 43200004

    Jasopels Gas Box MP

  • SKU: 32100039

    Skinning Table with a stainless tabletop

  • SKU: 32100009-10

    Jasopels MaxiHook T5

  • SKU: 32100007

    Jasopels BodyHook T4 XL

When it comes to skinning, you have two primary setup options. If your plant is set up with several employees to carry out the slicing and skinning processes, you can buy separate slicing machines, BodyHooks and skinning machines. This creates a smooth and streamlined workflow. On the other hand, if you want your skinning to be done by one operator, then it is possible with the new Jasopels MasterSkin and Jasopels MasterCut that can handle whole skinning process.