Jasopels MasterSkin

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Jasopels MasterSkin

A new and efficient skinning technique that takes over the hard, physically demanding work and ensures quick and accurate completion of the job, regardless of how large the minks are.

Jasopels MasterSkin has a seat that ensures an ergonomically correct working position and eases the job for the operator. Jasopels MasterSkin can be easily and safely operated with its two foot pedals. In a single procedure, the skin is pulled off and put aside, while the body is transported away on the conveyor belt.

Can be used with all available slicing machines with or without body hook.

  • Large capacity
  • Ideal for large animals
  • Ergonomically correct work posture

Additional information


3 x 400 Volt + N + PE – CEE 16A stik + Luft


2,0 L./min, 8 bar


160 cm


80 cm


240 cm


470 kg