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  • SKU: 32200006

    Jasopels Fleshing Machine T6

  • SKU: 32200004

    Jasopels Fleshing Machine T4 XL

  • SKU: 33100003

    Jasopels Rotating Fleshing Machine 4000 XXL

  • SKU: 32200067

    Jasopels 1-beam fleshing machine

  • SKU: 32200024

    Jasopels Fat Pump

  • SKU: N/A

    Jasopels Impellers

There is a reason why 90% of all North American and European minks are fleshed and scraped with Jasopel’s machines, which have been known for their strength and reliability for decades.

Our development team works continuously to increase speed, expand capacity, simplify operations – and optimize quality and productivity.