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Kloster Mink

At Kloster Mink, despite Jutland’s inclination, you are even excited about Jasopel’s scraper T6 and scraper rollers

For the new season Bo Kloster got a new Jasopel scraper T6, primarily to be able to scrape both bitches and males on the same machine.

– We didn’t really get a new scraper because we needed a better scraper, but I feel that the new scraper rollers are more gentle on the skin, if there are, for example, damage to the skin, large ears – or a small hole on the skin, Consider Bo Monastery.

At Kloster Mink you are extremely satisfied with the result of the approx. 50,000 skins scraped in the past season.

– If you stand out and get hold of a new scraper, you owe it to yourself to try it here. It seems like it’s a finished product and well thought out – I can’t see any points where it should be redone, Bo Kloster emphasizes.

One of the advantages is that the machine is easy to adjust via the screen.
– I keep myself supervised and therefore I can basically put everyone to stand by the scraper, says Bo Kloster. Gentle and effective scraper rollers Bo Kloster has chosen to use relatively hard rollers in the scraping.

– We may use harder rollers than many others, but in return we use lower pressure, and it works really well with us, he says.

When it comes to cleaning and roller shifts, the new machine is very user-friendly.

– It is easy to change rolls and then it is made in such a way that the machine is not pigs. Before, one had to clean before changing rolls and yet you were lubricated in grease before you had finished changing the rollers, remembers Bo Kloster. He estimates that changing the rollers does not take longer than five minutes.
– We are also free to adjust the scraper rollers. It does the machine itself. We replace the rollers after approx. 6,000 skins, and change once a day between him and her, says Bo Kloster.