Jasopels Grading table

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Jasopels Grading table

Jasopels has developed a grading table which is a useful tool for grading animals on the farm. The table is easy to move around and can be adjusted according to your needs. E.g. the grading tray  can tilt up to 45 degrees and turn 360 degrees.

The grading Table is equipped with a fantastic 8 x 4 W light (colour code 865) – the very same light which is used at KopenhagenFur, which makes the grading work more effective. The grading table is available with or without additional accesories such as scales or compressor.

  • Item no. 12600046 Jasopels Grading Table with scales and compressor
  • Item no. 12600047 Jasopels Grading Table without scales and compressor

Technical details:

  • Tiltable table (max. 45 degrees) which can be turned 360 degrees
  • Weight “Soehnle proffessional”
  • Lamp: 8 x 14 W/colour 865
  • Compressor (very silent)

Additional information


152 cm


60 cm


164 cm


1 x 230 V N + PE


150 kg