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Lars Christian Studsholt

Mining boards Lars Christian Studsholt runs a mink farm with 10,000 bitches and furs for himself and for the father, totaling approx. 65,000 mink.
– For this season we got JASOPELS MasterCut on trial and have been really well satisfied in all areas. We have been able to fuse 1,800 mink a day from. 7 to 17, with very low error rates and high reliability, says Lars Christian Studsholt. He is so excited that he has already ordered two new MasterCut for delivery before the next season.
– Man crew has been able to save half a whole man already this season. And at the same time it is much less physically demanding to stand at a MasterCut than, as before, at the spine, which is much harder for the operator, Lars Christian Studsholt estimates.

Quality rather than quantity

The most important thing for Lars Christian Studsholt is not the amount, but the number of whole skins without errors that can be made per hour.

– Here, the MasterCutten is really good because it can deliver the work at a good speed. And then it is a very great advantage to use it.
– We have a lot of foreigners to help us. Here, MasterCut is easy to learn, so new employees can also deliver a good job, says Lars Christian Studsholt. Two employees were on course before the season started.
– In the fleet line we have 20 intensive days, where we have to get to know the machine and quickly get it to run optimally, therefore we were already well started at the start of the season, when a Danish and a ruinm employee had been on course, explains to Lars Christian Studsholt.

Calm and stability in the furry house
The tendency with ever-increasing mink has previously presented challenges in the furry house.
– The memories have become enormously large and the old machines have more difficulty in handling the large mink, just as large skins require more physics. Here MasterCut is a really good solution that can handle the big skins, says Lars Christian Studsholt.

At the same time, there has been a lot more quiet in the furry house with Master-Cut.

– The machine is almost silent. This year, people have been able to talk to the machine, we have not been able to do this with previous machines because they were noisy too much. At the same time, we also save electricity. We have gone from using two compressors to using only one.
– But above all we have got a stable, reliable machine that has just been running in the season, emphasizes Lars Christian Studsholt.