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Ejgil Markussen

Ejgil Markussen has a greater capacity, better ergonomics and more power for daily work with a Jasopel Feeding Machine 950. In the fall, Ejgil Markussen got a new Jasopels Feeding Machine 950 with stirrer and Jasopels Farmassist. It is an investment that has brought many benefits.

– I have 2,550 bitches on the farm and with stirrer and the high capacity of the feed machine I can think twice less when there is pressure. At the same time, the cart is 4-wheeled with more power, he says.

Although the new feed machine is larger on all heads, the shift has gone smoothly.

– I am a little surprised that it is so easy to get around with, especially in a closed hall with little space for the end. At the same time, it is easy to keep clean, says Ejgil Markussen. No more feed bins A new feature on the feed machine allows the pump to run backwards when it comes down to the end of a row in standard batching.
– The feed machine does not place a feed hatch in the waste tray or on the ground, and this is a really good function. We have tried to have another feed machine where you have to empty the box all the time. So this is the right solution, says Ejgil Markussen.

When the pump is running backwards, the hose is without pressure and therefore there is no waste.

– Another addition is a new and smaller studs. It makes it easier to get a small blob to lie down and get the correct dosage. Especially in the puppies you are free to have to scrape afterwards, say

Ejgil Markussen.
He also believes that the precise dosage makes it easier to flux the mink. Ergonomic armrest facilitates the back of Ejgil Markussen and a helper feeds twice daily, except during the growing period, where it is fed 4 times daily. Here it is helpful with the ergonomic armrest.

– You generally sit well on the Jasopels Feeding Machine 950. And on concrete corridors and regularly, it just runs there, says Ejgil Markussen.

Previously, he often had pain in his arm because of the working posture during feeding.

– I can clearly feel a relief in my arm compared to earlier, where you had to sit and hold the snake all the time. The other feeders have always hurt my arm, but this one is not nearly as strict to drive because I get help with the armrest. It makes a difference, states Ejgil Markussen.