Jasopels Skin Drum

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Let this intelligent drum do the hard work for you

Our Skin Drum offers a new tumbling method and a solid, reliable construction for low maintenance and a long lifespan. To complete you ideal setup, you can connect it to a skin-moving system and add suction to keep sawdust contained. No compressed air necessary.


Our Skin Drum offers many time-saving benefits, including:

  • Tumbles skins in a closed drum
  • Switches to net drum automatically
  • Removes saw dust itself
  • Automatically removes furs
  • Features air-operated loading lid
  • The Skin Drum does not include suction, sawdust and skin-moving systems.

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370 cm


170 cm


180 cm


3 x 400 volt + N + PE – CEE 16A stik


670 kg